Summer Assignments

Please note that summer assignment information is subject to change through the last day of school.

Summer Reading & Information

Summer U.S. History Information

US I AP - Assignment will be due on September 10

Columbus Historiography: Reactions to Howard Zinn and Robert Royal

Howard Zinn article: History is a Weapon

Robert Royal article: Columbus and the Beginning of the World

US II AP - Summer Reading Assignment - Anyone taking this class should be sure to see Mr. Rosenberg, Mrs. Mikulski, or Mrs. Dolan for a textbook.

World Language Information

German 3A/3H/4H

Chemistry Summer Assignments

Chemistry 1H

Chemistry 2AP

Geometry Honors Information

This assignment should provide students with a review of basic concepts and skills learned in Algebra. The completion of these problems should benefit the student by providing a transition from Intro to Functions to Geometry Honors. These problems will not be collected, graded or reviewed in September.

Recommended Summer Review Materials


Book List

The Biology 2AP summer assignment requires access to the textbook's website and must be completed by the first day of school. Please contact Dr. Achilly at in order to receive instructions on how to set up your account.


Book List


Book List

Practice Problems for the following courses are available below:

Physical Science

Book List

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