East Vision Statement

Cherry Hill High School East, a school with a tradition of excellence, seeks to build upon that excellence by providing even greater services to its community of devoted students and parents. East honors the right of each student to have the opportunity to achieve according to his abilities by:

  1. offering a rigorous curriculum;
  2. insuring equitable access to resources;
  3. establishing a climate where diversity is celebrated;
  4. and insuring that students and faculty engage in relationships that foster learning, harmony and mutual trust.

East embraces its responsibility to challenge students to become critical thinkers who will not only inherit our democratic heritage but who will also lead the world to peace and prosperity. The East faculty, cognizant of its mission, leads and inspires students to develop their potential by modeling the value and significance of learning.

As a community of learners, all of East values those qualities which distinguish great schools:

  • Standards and expectations for achievement are clearly defined.
  • Students set goals and assess their own work.
  • Democratic processes insure student, faculty and community members avenues for input into decision making.
  • Students work toward becoming self-directed.
  • Students and teachers reflect critically on their goals.
  • Teachers know their students' strengths, weaknesses and interests and personalize learning in response to that knowledge.
  • Student activities (social, athletic and academic) promote student health and well-being.
  • Smaller learning communities enable students to connect with those who share the same interests.
  • Students pursue service learning in order to enhance their classroom learning by contributing to the community.
  • Individual differences are celebrated; paths to achievement take many routes.
  • Achievement is based not upon passing minimum requirements on standardized tests but upon each individual reaching his potential.
  • Theme based academies, project learning, and classrooms without walls will distinguish the emerging personalized high school.

On each and every day, East is a school in which we work, individually and collectively, to know, to support and to enrich our students, for reaching all students depends upon reaching each one. In the years ahead, East will emerge as a personalized high school of greatness: the first step in personalization is making small the large high school through the formation and formalization of smaller learning communities.

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