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Summer Assignments

Please note that summer assignment information is subject to change through the last day of school.

A.P. World History Information

Using a computer to access the internet, type in the following web site URL,

This will bring you to Mr. Cisneros’ website. Make sure that you are on the home page. Down the left side of the page you will see the link, Guns, Germs, and Steel, click on
he link. Then as you go down the next page you will come to PDF Files: Underneath this is the link to the book, Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies. Your assignment is to read the prologue and the first eleven chapters in the book. (you may read the whole book if you wish) Once you are finished, you are to answer the following five questions:

1. What is Jared Diamond’s thesis?
2. Is he successful in supporting his thesis? Why or why not?
3. Do you agree with his theory? Why or why not?
4. How has Jared Diamond’s book affected your thinking about world history?
5. Would you recommend this book? To whom? Why or why not?

Put your answers on a sheet of notebook paper. You will hand this assignment into me on the first day of class.
It is worth ten (10) points, and will be the first grade of the first marking period.

Next, go onto my e-board and click on the World AP tab. Then click on the “Foundations” tab, which is Mediterranean blue in color.
Click on the “Consequences of Cross-Cultural Exchanges” tab and read and take notes on the power point slides.
Then click on the “Indo-European Migrations” tab and read and take notes on this power point presentation.

The material on these three assignments will be the basis for a test that will be given on the third class of the first marking period. Good luck and Godspeed!

U.S. History Information

US I AP - Assignment will be due on September 14
(Please use your google @chclc.org account to access this link.)
Click HERE for the summer assignment.

US II AP - Assignment will be due on September 5

(Please use your google @chclc.org account to access this link.)

Click HERE for the summer assignment.

World Language Information

German 3A/3H/4H

Geometry Honors Information

This assignment should provide students with a review of basic concepts and skills learned in Algebra. The completion of these problems should benefit the student by providing a transition from Intro to Functions to Geometry Honors. These problems will not be collected, graded or reviewed in September.

Recommended Summer Review Materials


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The Biology 2AP summer assignment requires access to the textbook's website and must be completed by the first day of school. Please contact Dr. Achilly at kachilly@chclc.org in order to receive instructions on how to set up your account.


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Book List

Practice Problems for the following courses are available below:

Physical Science

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